Upcoming Events, Come Make a Splash!

June 7th _ 8th -Fluoride Free Houston will once again be providing refreshing, non-fluoridated cucumber water to cool people off at the Houston Free Thinker’s For the Community V festival this weekend! Stop by and we might even let you have some fresh cucumbers to heal your pretty eyeballs from the sunshine’s rays if you forget your shades :) Donations are appreciated and will be used to make more flyers and fluoride deception dvd’s for dissemination all over town! We also accept donations in the form of time (come help us post flyers and pass out dvd’s!)

June 12th – We will be hosting another screening of the fluoride deception and a post-documentary group contribution time! We do it potluck style, so bring what you want to eat/drink and a little extra to share is always nice! :)


City council public speaking time is Tuesday beginning at 1pm. You have to call and sign up before the meeting begins, feel free to use this opportunity to use your voice via the political route!