Growing the Fluoride Free Movement in Houston

Good Afternoon Lovers of Clean Water!!

Fluoride Free Houston has been back at it for the last month and a half. We have been city council every Tuesday spreading information to City Council members and attempting to get the Mayor to listen. Here are some updates on our recent action and ways you can get involved!!

Fluoride Action Network

After several attempt to reach the Fluoride Action Network we heard back! We support the efforts of FAN and Dr. Paul Connett 100%! They have a large amount of resources and have been instrumental in helping many communities fight against water fluoridation. They have suggested adapting a strategy that includes:

– gain the support of area professionals, business and community leaders, citizens, and the usual coalition partners (Lulac, NAACP, Sierra Club, Chiropractors, libertarians).
– go to the council members one-by-one and lobby them individually (along with a professional
or two) to learn 1. their current position on the issue, 2. what specific concerns and questions they need answered, and 3. what they need individually to feel comfortable voting to end the practice.
– media campaign and focus your lobbying on those councilors who are on the fence or pro-fluoridation.
– Gather petition signatures from their districts, particularly their actual neighbors, donors, and local business owners.

We are currently using some of the suggested tactics but believe we can work harder and have a more cohesive battle plan. We need your help to make that happen! Would you be interested in attending a meeting to discuss strategy? Would you like to find a home for sale in Texas without any fluoride in the water?

We are currently attending the public speaking sessions of council, setting up individual meetings and working to get local organizations to support ending water fluoridation. One of the council members who agreed to meet with us was Council Member C.O. Bradford.

Council Member C.O. Bradford

“Water fluoridation should be reviewed” – Houston City Council Member C.O.”Brad” Bradford

After meeting with Council Member Bradford we learned a few important pieces of information.

– Bradford says he has been getting the emails and phone calls. He believes there is more than enough information available and supports a public forum on the topic.
– Bradford recommended bringing health professionals against water fluoridation to council
– He also informed us that Houston’s charter gives the Mayor unilateral powers to decide what makes the agenda for discussion and/or voting. Knowing that the mayor is pro-fluoridation we face a battle simply getting the topic discussed on the official agenda. We are working on how to resolve this.

We believe if we continue to meet with individual council members we can pressure them to pressure the Mayor to hold a public forum. Of course, to do this we need more people at City Council!

Conflict of Interest Between the CDC and ADA

Since our last post new information has come to light that hints at a conflict of interested between the CDC and the ADA.

“Over 2000 pages of emails released under a Freedom of Information Act request have uncovered an apparent conflict of interest between the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Dental Association (ADA) regarding water fluoridation.”

From September 5th to the 8th the Fluoride Action Network held the 5th Citizens Conference on Fluoride in Washington D.C. At the conference, Dan Stockin, MPH, released the emails and declared that “These documents make it abundantly clear….. the ADA and CDC Oral Health Division are the tweedledum and tweedledee of fluoridation promotion. They work hand in hand (often at taxpayers’ expense) to spin the message in favor of fluoridation.”

The 2500 pages contained emails from 2011 between employees at the Oral Health Division of the CDC (the only division at the CDC that deals with fluoridation) and the ADA, as well as communications from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Included in that email is William Bailey who was at the time the Director of CDC’s Oral Health Division. Bailey confirms what many critics of fluoride (aka hydrofluorosilicic acid) have said. Fluoride affects the kidneys.

“End stage renal disease may be another issue. Since the body excretes fluoride through the kidneys, it is reasonable to assume that people with end stage [renal] disease may experience a buildup of fluoride.”

In an another FOIA document release, an internal memo from a U.S. Public Health Service official highlights that the CDC has known since at least 1962 that fluoride affected the black population at a higher rate. On January 10, 1962 F.J. Maier wrote “negroes in Grand Rapids had twice as much fluorosis than others.” According to the CDCs own data blacks have a higher percentage of dental fluorosis than whites (58% vs 36%) based on 99-04 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES).

This new information confirms what many Fluoride Free researchers have long been saying. We need to get this information to the Mayor and City Council!


Please find us on facebook or contact us through here if you are interested in helping!




Support From City Council Grows

Hello everyone!

Fluoride Free Houston began going to City Council last Tuesday (September 30) to begin speaking with council members about ending water fluoridation. We had a great response from several council members, including Council member Michael Kubosh. The establishment brought out three dentists (all affiliated with the pro-Fluoride American Dental Association) to speak in support of water fluoridation. Despite the testimony from the dentists we believe we had a great effect. We will be returning to City Council on Tuesday October 7th.

Interested in helping? How can you help? Look no further!

Please call these offices and tell them you support ending water fluoridation! Email them specific information about the topics they expressed interest in and anything else you think works with our 5 arguments!

As an added bonus we are including the emails of the dentists who spoke! These dentists glossed over several important facts when giving their testimony! Let’s educate them! Be respectful, but educate them!

***City Council****

Council Member C.O. Bradford (interested)

Council Member Richard Nguyen (interested)
(interested in information on other countries policies)

Council Member Robert Gallegos (interested)
(health information and financial)

Council Member Brenda Stardig

Council Member Jerry Davis

Council Member Ellen R. Cohen (supports fluoridation)

Council Member Dwight Boykins
(send information on lower income communities affected)

Council Member Dave Martin

Council Member Oliver Pennington

Council Member Ed Gonzalez

Council Member Mike Laster (supports fluoridation)
(send him studies on the health effects
specifically the cumulative effects)

Council Member Larry Green

Council Member Stephen C. Costello

Council Member David W. Robinson

All dentists failed to distinguish between the Fluoride used in the dentist offices and the chemical put into the water.

Dr. Terri Alani
( claims there is no dental fluorosis in Houston,
send her statements from the World Health Organization,
Send her information on European Countries fighting fluoride,
said she had fluoride and turned out fine)

Terri L Alani DDS
Health/medical/pharmacy  |  fans  |  View on Facebook

Dr. Gary Badger
(says no credible scientific information that shows affects on organs because of fluoride)

Dr. Jerry Long
( says he would drink Houston water because its safe and clean, LETS PROVE HIM WRONG!)

Thanks for the support!


Fluoride Free Houston 2.0

Hello everyone!

It’s been about a year since we updated this website and two years since a small group of concerned Houstonians formed the group! In that time we garnered some media attention, gained the support of two city council members, and spread awareness to countless others!

In the past months we have met a few times to discuss where we wanted to take Fluoride Free Houston and what the best strategies were for removing fluoride from Houston’s water. From our past research we know that Houston signed a $5 million dollar/ 5 year contract with Mosaic Co. for the purchase of Hydrofluorosilic acid aka Fluoride. We also know that Houston Mayor Annise Parker has not been friendly to our cause in the past. Despite her awards for being an environmentally friendly, green Mayor, she has so far rebuffed our efforts. The Mayor has stated that as long as the CDC makes a recommendation for Fluoride she will not stand against it.

In the end, however, that may not matter.

Now that we are looking at just over a year left on the city’s contract we have decided to pick up our efforts once more and begin meeting with Council members and attending City Council. Currently we still have the support of one council member – Jack Christie. Our former supporter, Helena Brown, is no longer in office. All we need to do to either have the water fluoridation resolution repealed – or to stop the city from resigning with Mosaic – is 9 votes. We have one so far and we believe several others will be supportive.


We are preparing to return to City Council on Tuesday September 30th for the public speaking session at council. To speak you must call by 1 pm on the 30th and reserve a speaking slot for one minute. We are planning on meeting with council members beginning September 22nd. That week we will also set up a planning meeting for our group to practice speaking in front of council and getting our talking points right so we can educate the council as much as possible.


– Attend our planning meeting next week! Watch our facebook page for updates!
– Come to City Council downtown at City Hall at 2 pm on Tuesday September 30th
– Share our FB Page and tell your family and friends!


Isreal soon to ban fluoride

Sunday, August 25, 2013 by: Carolanne Wright

(NaturalNews) Unlike the United States, which continues to poison its population with fluoridated water, the Supreme Court of Israel has ordered the country to stop adding the toxin to all water supplies by next year. Considering fluoride is linked with decreased thyroid and kidney function, infertility, lowered intelligence, impaired bone strength, heart disease and elevated cancer risk, the Israeli government has taken a major step toward protecting the health of its citizens. Yet, for those who live in one of the few developed nations that insist on fluoridating the water supply, effective measures can be taken to protect oneself.

Water fluoridation unusual around the world
While it might seem downright miraculous to Americans that a country would completely refuse water fluoridation, truth be told, widespread use of the toxin rarely happens internationally. The United States is one of only seven nations that fluoridates more than 50 percent of its total water supply (Ireland, Malaysia, Australia, Colombia, New Zealand and Singapore are the other six). Canada just slips under the radar at 40 percent. Asia and a majority of the European Union have rejected the practice, and for good reason. Christopher Bryson, author of “The Fluoride Deception,” classifies fluoride as “the most damaging environmental pollutant of the cold war.”

In the article, “Israel to Stop Adding Fluoride to Water Supplies in 2014 Due to Health Concerns,” Paul Connett, PhD, writes:

“Zealous fluoridation promoters try to convince the American public that ‘everyone drinks fluoridated water.’ But the opposite is true. An overwhelming number of countries do not fluoridate, including 97% of the European population. In fact, over half the people in the world drinking fluoridated water live in the US. We are the odd ones out. Fluoridation is an outdated, unscientific, failed public health blunder. What I find remarkable here is that Health Minister German has been able to escape the unscientific belief system on fluoridation that traps so many public health bureaucracies in fluoridated countries.”

If you happen to live in a country that fluoridates its municipal water supply, don’t despair. Several reliable methods help shield against exposure and subsequent health consequences.

Read More


The Time is Now!

Come out tonight for a screening of The Fluoride Deception (bring snacks!) and planning meeting! We will start the screening at 7pm at the Free Thinker House (2620 Truxillo St.) and the meeting will follow! We encourage you to bring any questions you may have regarding water fluoridation as well as any ideas you may have to expedite the end of water fluoridation in Houston!

In the near future we will begin ongoing visits to council members until we have had sit down meetings with every single one, however there is much work to be done before we get to the point of visiting them! We also want to jump start our efforts to voice our community’s concern at City Council meetings on Tuesdays!

It is also a goal of Fluoride Free Houston to educate the public about the controversy surrounding fluoride as we have found that many Houstonians are either unaware of water fluoridation as a whole, or have never considered the consequences. Whether you care about the health effects, the environmental concerns, the wasteful spending, or the forced medication aspect, we would love for you to join us at one of the upcoming summer festivals around Houston to help spread the word about fluoride!

Hope to see you tonight!




Upcoming Events, Come Make a Splash!

June 7th _ 8th -Fluoride Free Houston will once again be providing refreshing, non-fluoridated cucumber water to cool people off at the Houston Free Thinker’s For the Community V festival this weekend! Stop by and we might even let you have some fresh cucumbers to heal your pretty eyeballs from the sunshine’s rays if you forget your shades :) Donations are appreciated and will be used to make more flyers and fluoride deception dvd’s for dissemination all over town! We also accept donations in the form of time (come help us post flyers and pass out dvd’s!)

June 12th – We will be hosting another screening of the fluoride deception and a post-documentary group contribution time! We do it potluck style, so bring what you want to eat/drink and a little extra to share is always nice! :)


City council public speaking time is Tuesday beginning at 1pm. You have to call and sign up before the meeting begins, feel free to use this opportunity to use your voice via the political route!


HFT Media interviews Annise Parker on the Food Sharing Ordinance and Water Fluoridation

YouTube Preview Image

Annise Parker has obviously still failed to even read any of the documents that members of Fluoride Free Houston have provided to her, insisting that “fluoride saves people’s teeth”. We will not stop this fight until the free people of Houston cease to be carelessly poisoned. There are mountains of evidence against water fluoridation and we intend to continue to bring her information, either until those very mountains are rising in her office or until she opens her own eyes to see them herself.

As always, in the meantime you should seek alternative drinking/cooking water sources and shower less :P Detoxes are great too!



April Events, Get Involved!

It’s been a while since we’ve all gotten together to discuss the various routes we are taking to remove fluoride from the City of Houston’s water, we think it’s about time our snowball shows some growth. We will be hosting ongoing infojams regarding fluoridated water at your local grocery store’s water aisle in the coming months :) We are also holding the next Fluoride Free Houston meeting on April 29th at 7pm at the Free Thinker House located at 2620 Truxillo St. If anyone would like Flouride Free Houston Flyers, donated by the Houston Free Thinkers please message our Facebook group and we can arrange a meetup!

Hope to see you at the meeting!



EPA Scientists, medical experts fired for opposing water fluoridation

Wednesday, February 27, 2013 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Politics, not science, is what continues to drive the water fluoridation agenda today, and it was always the impetus behind the original passage of corrupt water fluoridation guidelines established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) more than 50 years ago. But many EPA scientists, it turns out, as well as other medical and scientific experts, have bravely come out in opposition to water fluoridation over the years, a move that for many cost them their jobs and careers.

Many of those directly responsible for compiling and evaluating safety data on the health effects of fluoride, in fact, observed very early on that the chemical waste product is not at all beneficial for human health. Not only has fluoride never been shown with any sort of scientific rigor to prevent tooth decay in any tangible way, but it has actually been shown to damage teeth, as well as harm vital organs, cognitive ability, glandular function, and bone structure, among other things.

Back in 1985 when the EPA proposed doubling the maximum allowable level of fluoride to be added to water, a large number of EPA’s own scientists, legal experts, and advisory personnel, not to mention a panel of scientists tasked with evaluating fluoride for the Surgeon General’s office, came out in vehement opposition to the proposal. Fluoride, revealed the science, was not safe at the proposed levels, and should be further evaluated — many actually called for an immediate moratorium on fluoride.

But their concerns were ultimately ignored, and the EPA decided to move forward with fluoride against the recommendations of its own scientists, who correctly pointed out that even preexisting levels of fluoride in water put people at risk of both dental and skeletal fluorosis. One outspoken opponent of fluoride, Dr. William Marcus, who was then chief toxicologist for the EPA’s Office of Drinking Water, was actually fired for refusing to back down and basically shut up about the dangers of fluoride.


The Duplicity of Fluoride Revealed

““We aren’t going away and we want to make sure the mayor knows it.” -Derrick Broze, Fluoride Free Houston

In an effort to move away from the preconceived ideas and conspiracy theories associated with fluoridation of the water system, Fluoride Free Houston is inviting the community out for a potluck and a screening of the documentary “The Fluoride Deception” by author Christopher Bryson at The Real School Friday February 1 at 7:00 p.m.”

Read More at Free Press Houston

Also, we were just informed that Dr. Floyd Atkins will be attending our Potluck/Screening this Friday and will make himself available to answer any health related questions on water fluoridation! See you there! :)